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Beatport — Artist Of The Week & BP/M Mix

Heartthrob ISNISNT Jesse Siminski
Heartthrob ISNISNT Jesse Siminski

Recorded live in Berlin on CDJ’s and turntables this mix is a selection of Heartthrob’s current sun scorched summer techno jams with an acidic bite, including an as of yet unreleased original from yours truly. Enjoy the experiment!

“We’re proud to present our artist of the week, drum roll please for Jesse Siminski. He’s been releasing music under the name Heartthrob for nearly a decade. He has worked with a long list of cutting edge labels through the years including BPitch Control, Minus, Spectral Sounds, Hot Creations and Mute Records. In 2013 he launched his own outlet called ISNISNT. Check out his DJ Chart Crossing The Intersection.”


Heartthrob ISNISNT Jesse Siminski

ISNISNT Heartthrob Jesse Siminski

Release Facts

Intersection is the fourth release from Jesse Siminski’s label ISNISNT, he welcomes Berlin based Red Rack’em and Brooklyn based Justin Cudmore as the first outside artists to contribute. The vinyl release features artwork by celebrated New York artist Billy Sullivan.

Jesse Siminski & Justin Cudmore — Interview

Jesse Siminski Justin Cudmore Interview
Ransom Note

Jesse Siminski interviews Justin Cudmore, from artist to artist, for Ransom Note.

Watch The Hype — Heartthrob’s Selection

Jesse Siminski Watch The Hype
Watch The Hype

Heartthrob spreads the love with four tracks that inspired new music on his ISNISNT label.

BBC Radio 1 — Lights On Mix

Heartthrob ISNISNT Jesse Siminski
Heartthrob ISNISNT Jesse Siminski

Heartthrob recorded a mix for Monki’s BBC Radio 1 show when he was in London last week. It features a couple of his own fresh tunes along with new bombs from Vin Sol, DJ Shiva aka Noncompliant, Peder Mannerfelt, Guti and others…