Watch The Hype — Heartthrob’s Selection

Jesse Siminski Watch The Hype
Watch The Hype

Heartthrob spreads the love with four tracks that inspired new music on his ISNISNT label.

Geist In The Mix Live

Geist In The Mix Be-At TV

Be-At TV

BE-AT.TV recorded a DJ live set from Heartthrob at the Geist In The Mix party. If you weren’t there to enjoy him live, here’s a second chance!

My Colorful Friends

Heartthrob ISNISNT Jesse Siminski
Heartthrob ISNISNT Jesse Siminski

Photographer Brian Park shot a portrait of Jesse Siminski.

VH1 Supersonic

Heartthrob ISNISNT Jesse Siminski
Heartthrob ISNISNT Jesse Siminski

Heartthrob is among the 10 artists you need to witness live at VH1 Supersonic in Goa, India.

“Jesse Siminski or Heartthrob is an experimentalist. His music captures the audience with its peak time grooves, which are balanced out perfectly with melodies that completely captivate you. His musical influences come from the early 90’s and he still samples some of it in his productions today. His set will be fuelled with energy, yet will have some unique elements that will leave you mesmerized and lost in a sea of beautiful melodies.”

Jesse Siminski Launches ISNISNT


ISNISNT is the newly minted imprint of Jesse Siminski aka Heartthrob, purveyor of chrome-plated cosmic funk. The newly established label promises to deliver leftfield sounds within the house, disco and techno sphere from the American producer, acting as an outlet for his own productions and collaborations, as he admits,

“The idea of producing music and making intriguing records that relate to their character has been the final impulse to get things going with ISNISNT. Starting this allows me to combine my passion for music and visual art, with a sense of humor. With so much music being released constantly and sensing that its all getting so devalued in the digital age, I decided to produce a series of limited 10″ picture discs for many of the releases. The images will follow the surrealist pop feeling that I hope the music transmits. The collectable images will come mostly from myself and from some artist friends.”

ISNISNT Heartthrob Jesse Siminski

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