Audion — Mouth To Mouth Remixes


Audion Mouth To Mouth Remixes
  • Artist: Audion
  • Title: Mouth To Mouth Remixes
  • Label: Spectral Sound
  • Catalog: SPC-42
  • Release date: March 20th 2007


  • Audion: Mouth To Mouth (Heartthrob’s Hot Breath Treatment)
  • Audion: Mouth To Mouth (Mantap Mix By Heartthrob)

Spectral Sound

Topping numerous “Best of 2006” lists and captivating dancefloors pretty much everywhere still isn’t enough for Audion’s beastly epic Mouth To Mouth; the DJ favorite is back, reworked in top fashion.
Side A gets two reinterpretations by Minus’ Heartthrob, known for last year’s chart-topping Baby Kate and for his remixes of Depeche Mode and The Knife. Side AA is a version from Wagon Repair’s Konrad Black.