Click Box — Clock EP


  • Artist: Click Box
  • Title: Clock EP
  • Label: Superfreq
  • Catalog: SFD035
  • Release date: December 21st 2015


  • Click Box: Octave 7 (Heartthrob Remix)

The EP kicks off with the original of the title track, a smoky techno number that builds with solid beats, a pulsing bassline & a cool analogue stab before the beats go off beat, eerie pads swoop & the 303 acid line gurgles away infectiously underneath.
Next up is Troy Pierce’s remix of the title track, which is a heavily swung pulsating techno workout. The beats are solid, the bassline is phat & pans around, as do the analogue synth hits until the track peaks in a crescendo of drums.
Next comes Octave 7. Trippy synths start this track off on the right foot as the beats build & vocal samples spin you out. The synth hook then picks things up before the bassline, ascending & descending synths, 303 niggles & deep pads drive this mix home.
Next is Heartthrob’s Octave 7 remix.

Unapologetically powerful, this techno monster starts with tough phased beats as tripped out synths invite the bassline to throb its way in. Tough bass stabs then rocket this remix to the next level. This is a proper remix that fully uses the original elements with aplomb.
Next up is Voltage Kontrol, which starts with the kick & pulsating bass as the beats rapidly build around them. Synth tones layer each other creating an infectious melody until over half way in when a simply knarly bassline takes over to complete this excellent slice of techno.
Last up is Flipping, which start with bleeps, kicks, bassline & you’re already hooked. The kick doubles to pound your chest as tripped out synths drive into your mind as the beats build into a groovy techno masterpiece full of acid squelches & tripped out analogues.
Click Box’s Clock EP clearly demonstrates why he’s a producer who always delivers without fail.