From Karaoke To Stardom — Dead Man Walking


Heartthrob ISNISNT Jesse Siminski
  • Artist: From Karaoke To Stardom
  • Title: Dead Man Walking
  • Label: Fondation Records
  • Catalog: FND016
  • Release date: April 15th 2013


  • From Karaoke To Stardom: Dead Man Walking (Heartthrob Remix)

Heartthrob ISNISNT Jesse Siminski

The protagonists: From Karaoke To Stardom and Heartthrob. One is speaking originalese, the other remix. Fondation Records has been hard at work on this release since they got From Karaoke To Stardom’s new track, Dead Man Walking.
Its sound could be called avant-garde, the beat is relentless, the groove is raw and ready. And what about this overwhelming feeling? The track holds a secret close to its chest, one that can’t be cracked. With Heatthrob’s interpretation thrown in the mix, this is a complete picture of many psychosis — all wrapped up together in a nice, tidy roll.