Igor Vicente — Mystericordia


Heartthrob ISNISNT Jesse Siminski
  • Artist: Igor Vicente
  • Title: Mystericordia
  • Label: Mobilee
  • Catalog: mobilee129
  • Release date: April 25th 2014


  • Igor Vicente: Mallowdie (Heartthrob Remix)

Heartthrob ISNISNT Jesse Siminski

Igor Vicente is a name that many may not have heard of yet, but this is not from lack of presence in the scene. From his legendary Wild Family parties in Belgium, to his recent State Of Flow residency at world-renowned Fuse club, and his collaboration as Ultrasone, this quick rising star is becoming a tour de force within the spectrum of House and Techno. Now on his own as a solo artist, Igor is moving onward and upward with his own forward thinking productions and unique DJ sound. His debut EP, Mystericordia is a solid first entry into the Mobilee family. This record showcases Igor’s journey into the deep and dark depths of underground House. A sound that he has already been developing over the years as a DJ in Belgium and as part of Ultrasone, which he has clearly transitioned into his style of production, but with his own flair as a solo artist.

The title track Mystericordia starts our journey through darker landscapes, with its heavy kick drums and deep vibes it slowly brings us through a land of intrigue without losing us in monotony. After slowly introducing us to this far off land Mallowdie quickly picks up the pace with a vibe that is sure to fill dance floors instantly but without losing the ambience of our previous adventure. After taking us through this land where distorted voices speak to us like a ghost in the machine we finally reach Dance System the final destination on our map. This time we are brought back a little bit to the light with complex drum patterns that keep us moving and constant elements of surprise, but never taking itself too seriously so you don’t forget that we eventually have to come back from this outer world.