Magda’s Fabric 49 Parts


  • Artist: Various
  • Title: Magda’s Fabric 49 Parts
  • Label: Minus
  • Catalog: MINUS83
  • Release date: November 16th 2009


  • Heartthrob: Miss Pig (Loop)
  • Heartthrob: 101 Loop

With a simultaneous release date, Magda’s Fabric 49 Parts is the perfect foil to the audio broad sword of Magda’s hotly anticipated Fabric mix compilation. This digital only collection features material from Minus artists Click Box, Heartthrob, Gaiser and Hobo that appear on the mix but were unreleased at the time it went to press — the only exception being Gaiser’s mfnstmp from his recent Pullpush.
However what sets this release apart is the fact that the individual parts of each full track are also available, so DJs can lift their favourite loops from the originals and take them in totally new and unexplored directions. For anyone looking to understand how Magda builds her sets, these tracks really give a sense of what she’s about. Tough, floor shaking beats, throbbing basslines and analogue synths combine to create that unmistakeable hybrid sound that fuses elements of old school electro funk and raw tech house.
No artist represents this more than Click Box who are, as always, caught in a tractor beam somewhere between 1983 and 2083. The retro sci-fi flavour of Bad Fish is an immediate call to the dancefloor, driven by a pulsating laser-guided bassline that’s imprinted on the brain after just one listen.

There’s more subsonic preoccupation on Gaiser’s mfnstmp, accompanied by explosive washes of white noise and glassy percussion lines before the bassline picks up the pace, announcing the return of those unique analogue chirps that call back and forth across a darkened sky with a special language of their own.
It’s been awhile since Heartthrob made an appearance on Minus after Dear Painter, Paint Me won so many plaudits in 2008, but here we’re treated to a taste of things to come with two choice loops in the form of Miss Pig (Loop) and 101 Loop. Both fit the vibe perfectly, with their proto-house style beats and mutating keyboard riffs.
Keeping it slow and low, Hobo rounds off the collection skilfully dropping warped disco loops into another perfectly executed future funk work out. The insatiable groove and subtle cuts and edits mean 23:59 has more than enough tricks up its sleeve to get the floor burning. Möbius Trip then utilises a sparser, stripped down format with a selection of twisted effects and percussion hits peppering the speakers while the sliding bleep sequences are punctuated by fat droplets of acidic bass.