• Artist: Various
  • Title: MVS1
  • Label: Minus
  • Catalog: M47
  • Release date: March 30th 2007


  • Heartthrob vs. Troy Pierce: Horse Nation Amended
  • Gaiser vs. Heartthrob: Nasty Girl

Life on the road, with all the intense highs and lows that go with it, can make for an intriguing creative environment. So when a traveling band of Minus artists — touring and hanging out together during 2006 — started bouncing ideas off each other and reworking tracks, it became essential to harness this energy in some way.
MVS1 is the first installment in a sometime series of collectable EP’s designed to document these spontaneous, unpredictable and potentially explosive collaborations.
First up is Heartthrob vs Troy Pierce with Horse Nation Amended. The tin can alley snare rolls and ooh yeah, yeahs all retain their place in the mix next to a fresh staccato bass riff and a flowing 4/4 drum pattern. The BPM count has also been cranked up a couple of notches, coaxing the original vibe out from its shadowy after-hour origins onto the main floor for some serious peak time action.

If you ever wondered what Prince might have sounded like if he’d grown up in Detroit rather than Minneapolis then look no further than Nasty Girl on the flip. Gaiser and Heartthrob have come up with a dirty, twisted dancefloor burner that will shake the life out of many an unsuspecting PA system. The dark underground beats are peppered with trademark Gaiser percussion fills and digital wildlife effects that perfectly compliment Heartthrob’s freaky nasty girl rap — a dark, sexy, distorted vocal hook that rides the groove effortlessly.
Nasty Girl and Horse Nation Amended are right on point for 2007 — tantalizingly raising the bar for the year ahead and making sure the MVS series gets off to a flying start.