Nothing Much


  • Artist: Various
  • Title: Nothing Much
  • Label: Minus
  • Catalog: M53
  • Release date: June 15th 2007


  • Heartthrob: Baby Kate

From its minimalist aesthetic, increasing output and steady impact on electronic music since 1998, a blueprint has been developing at Minus. Nothing Much (insert tongue-in-cheek) takes a snapshot of rock solid Minus memories that are more nouveau than retro, challenging any notion that the sound has remained the same.
While not representing the complete history here on disc, the compilation addresses a deeper note with a bonus disc showcasing Berlin’s Troy Pierce as he weaves a web of stolen moments from the catalog.
Connecting the storytelling pop behind Heartthrob’s Baby Kate and Mathew Jonson’s Decompression to the funk flex of Gaiser’s Egress or Marc Houle’s composed anthem Bay Of Figs, it’s time to take a bow.

The collection also contains recent hits from Ambivalent and JPLS. The method behind Nothing Much is pure Minus music for your head and your feet.
Created at first as a boutique, design-orientated musical gallery for Richie Hawtin and selected electronic artisans, Minus has grown into a megaphone for minimal techno and everything beyond. Its sound and style has branched out by enlisting a troop of inspired producers and talented performers that can rock the house and delve deep into the psyche with precision and skill. Post-everything electro, techno, acid and house, the sound has blended its own unique vintage by influences from contemporary art, travels, relationships and the ever-changing environment of the global party.