organicArma — Love Is Not It All


OrganicArma Love Is Not It All
  • Artist: organicArma
  • Title: Love Is Not It All
  • Label: Acustronic
  • Catalog: ACUS001
  • Release date: February 28th 2011


  • organicArma: Love Is Not It All (Heartthrob Remix)


Following 11 months of studio production and musical introspection, dhArma111 (electronic & acoustic drums/vocals) and phAxas123 (vocals/bass/synths/samples/effects) reveal the first track from the duo’s debut album. While exploring the realms of Dubstep, Love Is Not It All carries an escalating bassline that complements the track’s vocals while keeping a seemingly constant structure. The heavy synthesizers are rhythmic in tonality, allowing the song to maintain versatility, giving the roots of the rhythm almost an Afro-Latin tribal feel.
“It’s a contagious beat, like something you might hear in an Afro-Latin town in Venezuela,” says drummer and vocalist, dhArma111. “Love Is Not It All allowed us to explore Dubstep and utilize the wobble bass to add another interesting element to our music.”
phAxas123 attributes the sound to a theatrical realization like love – that, at first, can create a tension or anxiety but then eventually leads to a release which should be a celebration. “We wanted to musically embrace the sense of two people going through the conscious thought that it is typical for love to be connected to a sense of control or possession of one another”, says phAxas123. “With this song we’re exploring new ways of understanding relationships beyond the traditional attachments of what it means to be in love.”
Heartthrob, aka Jesse Siminski, the renowned producer from the Minus label out of the U.S., brings a different sound to the table with his remixed version of Love Is Not It All.

While staying true to organicArma’s musical philosophy, his remix provides a decomposition of the original version with his own portrayal of their signature minimal techno undertone.
The novel Escape From Freedom by German author, Erich Fromm, provided the inspiration for the story behind the band’s first single, with the title of the track also coming from a book of the same name out of Germany. The duo describes the musical tale of two people loving each other for what they do and for what they are, while making fun of their own experiences. dhArma111 puts forward the notion of how possessing someone results in love no longer existing as an action, and how possession can control the lives of both parties in the relationship. They both add how one cannot “posses” love and how love needs to be nurtured organically.
The chorus to Love Is Not It All can perhaps encompass the fundamental sentiment behind organicArma’s thinking: “Many things you don’t deserve and never expected. Love was mine. I was yours. And Love Is Not It All.”
Minimalist melody and complex rhythmic alchemy, a form of chemistry and speculative philosophy practiced since the Renaissance and middle ages, underpin the conceptual undertones of the sound and forthcoming album by organicArma, that is based upon duality or dualism, a twofold division in analyzing ideas and their opposite in order to come up with the in-between, a third option at the very least.