Heartthrob — Setting Up


  • Artist: Heartthrob
  • Title: Setting Up
  • Label: Minus
  • Catalog: MINUS93
  • Release date: July 26th 2010


  • Setting Up
  • Your Body
  • Dancing
  • In My Room
  • Diaghilev

Romance isn’t necessarily a bundle of flowers, long walks on the beach and boxes of chocolate. Sometimes the most obvious romantic gestures are simply ploys to convey disingenuous feelings. Usually, it takes much more work. In Jesse Siminski’s world, the dancefloor is his lover; his romantic tale is one exploding with emotions and a multi-colored spectrum of sonic seduction. Through and through, his expertly produced pieces whisper those much desired sweet nothings into your ear, while the wind from the bass bin blows behind your neck, creating those all-too familiar goose-bumps. Heartthrob knows exactly what he is doing with his music, and his latest release for Minus, Setting Up is poised to have the crowds swooning over his sound once again, desperate for his aural attention while sweating the night away in a perpetual state of techno bliss.
Produced with an onslaught of analogue equipment, and the helpful engineering ear of techno veteran Tobias Freund, Setting Up is a balance of infatuation and desire. A techno romance novel not suited for the meek, but perfect for those who wish to trap dancers on the floor and keep them moving until the music has faded and the crowd is left panting with exhaustion.
Title track Setting Up teases the listener with a well crafted hypnotic strut, with an insatiable marching rhythm structure.

A sense of playful optimism defines it, with Heartthrob’s keen ability to tickle the listener’s ear drums with a patient and inviting aesthetic, slowly but surely easing them into a state of bliss. A bubbling, arpeggiated undercurrent fuels the track, while subtle voices whisper secrets amidst the alternating hard and soft melody.
In a world of desire, oftentimes it’s necessary to give subtle signals to display feelings of interest. Such is the case with Your Body, on which Heartthrob picks up the pace, casually utilizing his vocals as a featured instrument in the flirtatious overall palette. Spastic jazzy key strokes and a resolutely upbeat dance track confidently toy with the notion of bringing the party into peak time, yet retain a sense of mystery and perfectly executed restraint.
The most techno-centric track on the EP belongs to the electronic body music tinged Dancing. Simply put, this recording defines the moment when everything is going just as planned, and it’s time to shake it. A straight forward stomper of a track based around an incredibly dynamic polyphonic synth hook and a pristine arrangement.
Finally, when the vibe is at its most kinky, In My Room is the right ingredient to heat things up to boiling point. This is utterly filthy dance music with a devilish glint in its eye. The addition once again of Heartthrob’s voice crooning “Tell me the things you dream about, when you close your eyes…lips ass and thighs” has us certain that lust will dominant the minds of all within listening range.