Heartthrob — Time For Ensor


  • Artist: Heartthrob
  • Title: Time For Ensor
  • Label: Minus
  • Catalog: MINUS31
  • Release date: September 26th 2005


  • Time For Ensor
  • Glass Cat
  • Golum
  • Grounded

Debut single from the elastic sounds of Brooklyn’s Heartthrob. One thing is certain with the wide-eared palette in the hand of Jesse Siminski — melody and swing are in harmony. Time For Ensor is a debut-single full of playful bass lines and pop motifs decorated by animated electronic symbolism. Heartthrob’s sound contains the balance of respect for dance music’s past while embracing focus, freedom and fun via today’s soft/hardware possibilities and potential.
A Michigan native living in New York, Siminski was exposed to the same Midwest techno underground of the 1990’s that connects much of the Minus & Plus 8 roster now adventuring around the globe. Being exposed to underground parties and futuristic sounds in Madison, Minneapolis, Chicago and Detroit, his ear was inspired from an even younger age by the classic electronic records in his father’s — also a performing and practicing musician — music collection and Jesse’s adolescent noodlings with keyboards and drum machines.

His altered moves as Vivianne Project for the Contexterrior and Underl_ne labels have followed suit into Siminski’s beat. Having only performed live under a dozen times, his energetic and expressive shows have given audiences in the States a sneak peek to what Europe will be experiencing in the fall of 2005 — performances in Berlin, Amsterdam and Barcelona are set for this September and October.
Dancing the line between sparse and complex, Heartthrob’s subtle hooks on Golum and off-world echoes in the title cut, Time For Ensor, are more in the moment than moody or grabbing nostalgic. (T)his fresh outlook is a preview to much more sonic art from Jesse Siminski in the future.