Heartthrob — Discount Dancer


Heartthrob ISNISNT Discount Dancer

  • Artist: Heartthrob
  • Title: Discount Dancer
  • Catalog: ISNISNT01
  • Artwork: Jesse Siminski
  • Release date: October 10th 2013
  • Format: Digital / 10″ Vinyl


  1. Discount Dancer
  2. Let’s Talk About Reading
  3. St8-2-Tape (Live Version) [Digital Only]


Minus stalwart and purveyor of chrome-plated cosmic funk, Berlin-resident Heartthrob returns on his newly minted ISNISNT imprint to deliver three futuristic jams worthy of only the sleaziest of intergalactic parties.
Discount Dancer sets the tone, marrying the infectious energy of classic Roland grooves and maxed-out acid funk to compelling effect, cruising along under a relentless cowbell that acts as a rallying cry for the sordid revellers of his dreams.

On the flip, Let’s Talk About Reading draws upon that prior energy and focuses it into a jacking homage to the fallen star of Paris Is Burning, Venus Xtravaganza, awash with crackling atmospheres and gauzy pads that serve as a stark juxtaposition to the militant drums and contagious bass line that underpin them.
Finally, a bonus for digital buyers as live-take St8-2-Tape shows him in full on analogue freak-out mode, fusing claustrophobic lo-fi drums with sultry stabs and classic Rhodes chords to create a timeless jam worthy of any format, past or present.




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Heartthrob ISNISNT Discount Dancer

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