Heartthrob — Someone Called Again


Heartthrob ISNISNT Someone Called Again
  • Artist: Heartthrob
  • Title: Someone Called Again
  • Catalog: ISNISNT02
  • Artwork: McDermott & McGough
  • Release date: April 1st 2014
  • Format: Digital / 12″ Vinyl


  1. Someone Called Again
  2. Cougar Juice (Driving Past The Jail Mix)
  3. Cougar Juice (Reduced Dub)
  4. Let Them Go [Digital Only]


ISNISNT offers its second release of forward leaning electronics with a diverse group of modern techno bangers from label head Jesse Siminski.
Acting under his Heartthrob guise, Jesse initiates the release with Someone Called Again a tough, but funky, bass driven tune that marries detailed production with his signature ominous melodies to great effect. Subtle modulating percussion work against harder, swung snare and synthetic drums workouts, as surprising analog synth bursts glue things together. Building smoothly into a headfirst groove, the track pressurizes and never loses its drive as heady synth riffs keep things musical and emotionally interesting.
In an even funkier direction the two mixes of Cougar Juice draw together an irresistible bass line with pushing breakbeats and precise synth stabs. These horn like synthesizer bursts mark surprising turns and recall similar moments in classic Hip-Hop jams or even tracks from Detroit’s Anthony Shakir or Robert Hood — two of Jesse’s production heroes.

The Driving Past The Jail Mix incorporates these synth stabs hypnotically within the melodic structure, while the Reduced Dub Mix dials things back and focuses on the bass line, drums and dubbed out flourishes. With their funk driven momentum constantly moving forward, either mix will bring something unique to either a house or techno set.
And finally Let Them Go rounds out the group in a deep, yet still driving fashion. It splices sub bass pulses, a melancholic synth atmosphere, absurd bleeps and submerged voices amongst stripped down drums into a steadily building hybrid cut — not quite house and not really techno. Its half time and polyrhythmic synth melodies slither atop the punishing bass and tight drum arrangement below. Taking loose cues from bass music, and early techno the tune manages to keep things simple and stripped. It’s an extended listen for the right subterranean dance floor moment.




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Heartthrob ISNISNT Someone Called Again

Someone Called Again

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