Heartthrob — Haus Arrest


Heartthrob ISNISNT Haus Arrest
  • Artist: Heartthrob
  • Title: Haus Arrest
  • Catalog: ISNISNT03
  • Artwork: Jesse Siminski
  • Release date: June 21st 2015
  • Format: Digital / 12″ Vinyl


  1. Never Wanted One
  2. Hours Lost
  3. A Fete Worse Than Death
  4. Does Your Car Know? (Melody Mix)
  5. Does Your Car Know? (The Acid Reprise) [Digital Only]


Jesse Siminski otherwise known by his DJ name Heartthrob and as label boss of imprint ISNISNT, returns with a fierce 4 track EP (5 tracks digital) of jacking modern acid funk. Heartthrob has been producing for over a decade and his innate ability to create cutting edge and propulsive techno grooves has kept him busy with a touring schedule that takes him across the globe, as well as a new party series named after the label.
His third release titled Haus Arrest begins with the track Never Wanted One. This track builds upon a solid manifold of thick arp bass, dusky synth melodies and sharp TR 909 drum work. Midway, a complex and funky bass line propels things forward, working with the jacking drums and spare synths.

The release continues with Hours Lost. This track fuses codes of Detroit techno with spinning Latin tinged drums and a rough funk tinged arrangement. Industrial stabs bounce and build until the main melodic theme rises and burns.
A Fete Worse Than Death moves through swinging drums, steady pulsing synths and a growling bass that builds to a crescendo of warped cosmic techno.
The last track on the Vinyl Does Your Car Know? is a straight and steady drum led jack track. The pitch mutates, shifting through acid bass and more Detroit reminiscent pads.
Finally, a bonus for those buying digital is a stripped down version of Does Your Car Know? which cements the infectious impact of the EP.




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Heartthrob ISNISNT Haus Arrest

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