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Heartthrob’s friends at The Bunker in New York have included him in their terrific podcast series. His contribution is a recent live jam with mostly new and unreleased material. Something he hasn’t done in quite a long time… If you aren’t familiar already, subscribe as their roster is exceptional and their parties are the best in New York for over 15 years. We hope you like it!

The Bunker Podcast 143 is a liveset of new material from Heartthrob, a long-time friend who first played The Bunker at subTonic in 2005. Since then, he’s graced our decks a number of times, released music on labels such as Minus, BPitch, Ghostly and Hot Creations and moved from New York to Paris to Berlin. In 2013, he started his own imprint, ISNISNT, which is releasing a record by our label artist Justin Cudmore later this year.”